Earthstore is an official Stockist of the “Original Essential Oil Bracelet” invented and manufactured by ESSENTIALBRACELET.

Since it’s creation there are many copies and look-alikes, but none come anywhere near the quality of the “Original Essential Oil Bracelet”.

Each Essential Oil Bracelet comes with 5 all natural clay tablets that have 5 crushed gemstones inside. Simply add 1-3 drops of your oils or blend to the insert and place inside the back of the specially designed pocket. Now enjoy the subtle yet enjoyable scent for up to 7 days. The tablets are fully reusable, water resistant and very durable so they will last you the life of the bracelet.

When you want to add a new oil, simply add your new oils to the same tablet or rotate through the other 4. After a week of airing out in a warm location such as a windowsill, the tablet will be ready for a new oil.

Each bracelet is made of 100% food grade safe silicone so it is safe for your little ones  and yourself, and will not break down with your essential oils.

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